You said I can give my exams sitting at home. Doesn’t that mean I can cheat and write my papers?

The following points are given below:

  • Sir, as I told you the question papers that we send you are in the form of live and practical case studies and not the direct theoretical questions where you can open the book and copy. In the case of studies, you must present yourself in each situation and apply the concepts taught to you in class.
  • You consult your colleagues, your books, your friends and then you learn to handle that situation. In this case also for answering a certain question, if you are taking anybody’s help, you are learning something.
  • For the past 7 years, many of our students have applied for the Government job after our course and they have been selected.
  • Even IIM’s, IIT’s have started this unique examination style called the Open Book Test system what we have been following for quite some time.